Do you sign NDA?

Yes, we strictly follow the Non-Disclosure Agreement policy with all clients and promise their idea remains secure with us. Here, we sign NDA with both parties, you and us, hence it protects the resources of both parties.

I only have a partial idea for my project. Can you help me further?

We have assisted some of the individuals who don’t possess any idea for their startup. Working with an individual who possesses a partial idea would be actually great. Here, we will help you to figure out missing details of your idea and develop an app together.

Can you explain my project specifications if I am not a technical person?

Yes, why not. We understand that not all of our clients belong to a technical background. If you were technically sound, then you must have developed an app on your own. It’s our duty to provide you services as per requirements and make you understand all technical things about a project. Our development team explains all the things in a technical jargon-free language by which allows you can not only comprehend but also fully participate in the discussion of your project.

Would you provide a consultation before and after the development phase?

Absolutely, we do offer before and after consultation to all the clients. We know that you have hired us to provide you the best possible solution of your project along with the proper advice at all stages of the development.

Do you provide support after the completion of the project?

Yes, we provide support of 60 days against any errors in your project after its completion.

Why is it necessary to have great UI/UX Design?

The majority of users intend to scroll up & down while using a website or mobile application, to ensure that it runs appropriately. A flawless user-interface will improve the user’s experience and speed of an app. Also, it will improve the brand’s presence.

Is it important to have a different UI/UX to improve your brand’s value?

If you possess an awesome idea, then you should create different UI/UX for mobile. Also, the majority of users love to perform most of their tasks on mobile devices. This indicates that building a separate UI/UX will help to enhance your brand’s value.

Why can UX (user experience) never be designed?

UX depends highly on the idea of the project and it gets updated as per user’s requirements. UX trends rely on the product and the condition in which the users access the app. Therefore UX can never be designed. We propose you to obtain feedback and modify it in the forthcoming version.

What is known as user-centered design?

User-centered design means designing a solution by focusing on the potential audience from the beginning until the completion of the project.

Will you provide me the entire solution or app that you build?

Yes, we offer the entire documentation of your mobile app or solution that we build for your business. After project completion, you fully own a mobile app or solution.

How much input from me in needed in the development process?

Your input can be highly beneficial in the entire project. We emphasize what our client needs in mobile application and based on that we plan a strategy for your project. We convey project status at different stages of development to make sure that you get a solution as per your needs.

Do you help me to upload my mobile app to the specific store (Google Play Store or Apple App Store)?

Definitely, we will upload your app to the relevant app store (Google App Store or Apple App Store).

Do you project support after project completion?

Absolutely, we offer 60-days of free after sales-support for technical issues. If you come across any technical error, our team will assist you in every step.

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