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How to make a successful app?

  • By OpenXcode
  • December 29, 2020
How to make a successful app?

Mobile apps have simplified our lives to the extent that we can perform a vast majority of tasks from any place. This includes things like shopping, ticket-booking, social-media, playing games, and many more.

Let’s look at some of the latest statistics about Mobile Apps:

  • Mobile app downloads are expected to reach 258 billion in 2022 from 178 billion in 2017. (Source)
  • Revenue from leading successful apps is anticipated to cross $190 billion in 2020. (Source)

This indicates that there is a lot of potential in the mobile industry. Hence, if you are thinking of developing a successful app, but don’t know where to begin, then follow along.

Before developing a mobile app, you should have a clear idea. To come up with an idea, you can simply note it down on a paper, or you can design a mockup using free tools to decide the flow of your mobile app.

Later, to make an idea work, it should be executed in the best possible manner to get the best results. To turn your idea into life, you can approach a professional app development company. They will design & develop your app considering the latest industry standards to make it successful.

Primarily, any web/mobile app development process mainly includes the following steps:

  1. Validate an Idea
  2. Design a mobile app
  3. Develop a mobile app
  4. Testing a mobile app
  5. Launch it on relevant store
  6. Promote product effectively

In this blog, we will explain the entire 12 step process that you should follow to successfully release your app in the market.

  1. Identifying an app idea
  2. Conduct a Market Research
  3. Finalizing your app idea
  4. Create an App Marketing Plan
  5. Define your Technological Preference
  6. Defining the right monetization model
  7. Create an attractive UI/UX Design
  8. Successful App Development
  9. Deploying the app on relevant App Stores
  10. Make your app successful in App Stores
  11. Post-launch App Marketing
  12. Collect Feedback and Upgrade your application

What Makes an App Successful?

Some of the apps like Tinder, WhatsApp, Instagram, Netflix, etc. become successful just because of their idea. All of these apps have different success stories; however, they share one thing in common, i.e., they have a unique concept. The primary functionality of these apps grabbed the user’s attention, and they have become an integral part of users’ life.

Here are  some of the most common aspects that are responsible for making an app successful are:

  • Unique Idea
  • Unit Testing
  • Usability
  • Overall Performance
  • Design
  • Customer retention rate

Now, let’s get started with the step-by-step process to build a mobile application.

1. Identifying an app idea

Identifying an app idea

If you already possess an innovative app idea, then you can skip this step. But, if you want to generate a new idea for a mobile app, then this part is for you.

Please remember, there is nothing like a new idea. An idea is never born out of nothing.

As of now, there are more than 2.57 million apps on the Google Play Store and 1.84 million apps on theApple App Store. (Source)

Here, we will provide you some of the most essential ways to come up with a next-gen mobile app idea.

Remix Technique
One of the best ways to form a new idea is to tweak a successful idea in the market or to combine features of some popular apps in the market.

The majority of new apps in the market are released based on this concept.

Solve your own problem
Majority of times, the simplest of the ideas, provide the best outcomes. When you brainstorm about different things in your life, you will come across various simple ideas.

In other words, these ideas are generated from different problems that you face in life. There is a strong possibility that if you are facing this issue, then other people are also facing the same issue.

If this problem can be resolved with the help of an app, then you should definitely make an app.

Put your ideas on paper despite you thinking that there are a lot of apps already present on that idea. When you integrate the next step, you will come up with a better app idea.

Improve an existing app
You may have come across this question “It would be great if I could do this?” If yes, then it is a strong possibility of creative ideas out there.

There is always a scoop of improvising the app present in the market. Also, there are strong chances that you are one who thought about this.

If the original creator of the app is not constantly working on the updates, then you can simply build a new app with innovative ideas and launch it in the market.

A simple way through which you can identify whether there is a need for such an app is by checking the user reviews and ratings of the app.

Are various users complaining about the same feature, or they complain about something different? Is the app creator responding to the user feedback?

By listening to the user feedback and constructing an app based on that will help you to make a successful app.

2. Conduct a Market Research

Conduct a Market Research

First and foremost, you need to identify the problem that your app is solving, which is not yet addressed by other apps. In short, you have to state your niche clearly. You might think that you have an awesome app idea; however, there are a vast number of apps released daily in the market.

According to Statista, there are 2.57 million apps on the Google Play Store and 1.84 million apps on the Apple App Store.

Hence, there is a strong possibility that there will be some apps that solve the same issue, just like your app. You shouldn’t lose your confidence. Remember one thing; there is nothing like a new idea.

In reality, this is an excellent thing as it states that your idea is feasible, and there is a demand for your app in the market. Due to this, there is a healthy competition.

Here you have to carry out two different things:

  • Know and define your target audience
  • Evaluate what your competitors are providing

It is okay to market an app for a particular group of people and cater to their needs. A micro-niche will not generate a lot of traffic; however, there will be a good conversation.

But if you choose to go with a wider audience, then you will be able to reach a wide number of the target audience and face tough competition.

In any way, addressing people’s issues can help to increase your value in the market and make your app successful. All these users can become repetitive customers.

The main purpose here is to collect feedback from the people and never-stop improving continuously. To make your app successful,  you have to list out wants and needs of your potential audience.
Some Important Tips to Make a Successful App Idea

  1. Reach out leading forums and check what type of questions are being asked. A leading forum you shouldn’t forget is Quora.
  2. Reach out to Google Keyword Planner. Here you can check what people are searching for your topic along with their volume. Later, you can include these keywords in the App Store Description.
  3. Look out for the top apps ranking in different categories on the app stores. You can review the solutions available on these apps for users and then compare it with your concept.
  4. Be aware about the people around you. Try to find out issues people face in their life that are unproductive.
  5. Carry out polls and a question-answer section with your target audience. Collect feedback about what they expect from your app.
  6. Take help from your targeted users from different platforms: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

It is absolutely okay to have more than one idea for mobile apps, because you have an option to choose the best.

3. Finalizing your App Idea

Finalizing your App Idea

As per the market research, carry out & validate the app idea. This is one of the most essential parts, as you are entering into a dream. Here, you have to imagine what the full-fledged version of the app would look like.

In short, you have to deeply grasp the value proposition of your mobile app and list down your MVP. To finalize an app idea, you have to state the unique selling point of your mobile application clearly.

You must first answer some of the below questions:

  • Why would people use my app?
  • What would be the main flow of the app for any user?
  • What is the most crucial feature of the app?

In this phase, you should have a decent idea about the most valuable feature of the app. For instance, Uber’s first version was only meant to connect customers with the drivers and get payments. Now, the company has evolved as a leading on-demand taxi service with numerous features such as live tracking, fare splitting, instant credit card payments, etc.

Therefore it is really essential to understand what a user wants from your mobile app. You can get this by releasing an MVP.

MVP is referred to as a minimum viable product, the most primary iteration of a product to launch into the market. It comprises of following things:

  • Least amount of features to serve the user’s needs
  • Useful to release a beta version for your potential users
  • Showcase your idea to investors and obtain funds

4. Create an App Marketing Plan

Finalizing your App Idea

After you have listed down all the critical aspects of the MVP, you have to look after the marketing part. For this, you can consider the following things:

Unique App name

Providing a unique name to the app is somewhat hard. However, it should be easy-to-remember and found. Also, it must be SEO-friendly. Make a list of keywords and their search volume on google.

App Keyword

Carry out extensive keyword research prior to launching the app for the public. By doing this, you will be able to utilize various listings and pages. All these keywords should be leveraged in different marketing channels.

Awesome App Previews

It’s always better to show your product to the customers as quickly as possible. Several app screens and visuals will be beneficial during pre-launch marketing phases.

Great app press kit

An app press kit should be presented fully on different press & sites for listing your product. The package mainly includes screenshots, demo videos, details of the app, etc.

Create a Landing page for your app and make a pre-launch email list

It is really essential to have a landing page about your app so that people can visit there and know more things about your app. Here you should include a call to action from which people can sign up for a pre-launch email list to receive immediate alerts when app releases.

To collect emails at no-cost, sign-up for a free email service like Mailchimp. To create a landing app, you can utilize popular page builders such as Unbounce or Leadpages.

Share your app’s journey

Make a document of your app’s journey and share it with the public. People are curious to know which steps are taken to develop an app.

By doing this, you can gain market exposure by only sharing your stories, lessons you took, and the progress.

5. Define your Technological Preference

Define your Technological Preference

After validating your app idea, the next and the most important thing is to list down your technology. For this, you need to have a good understanding of different technologies, as it will affect the app’s performance and chances of the app being successful. Hence, you should define whether you have to develop a native/ web/ hybrid app.

6. Defining the right monetization model

The final goal of any business is to generate revenue. In any successful app, some of the things are achieved for sure; this includes an increase in the number of sales or a decrease in operational costs in dollars per transaction.

It is crucial to note how the listed features work and the chosen monetization model fits best with your target audience. There are some proven ways to monetize your mobile app, and the app developer or the agency should provide the best strategy that suits your industry. Here is the list of monetization models:

  • Free
  • Freemium (Premium features can be purchased with extra cost) e.g. Tinder
  • Paid Apps (In-app purchases or completely paid app)
  • In-app advertisements
  • Sponsorship & Partnership
  • Cross-selling of apps
  • Apps paid for download

7. Create an attractive UI/UX Design

UI/UX plays a vital role in the success of any mobile application. Here, we will provide some of some world-class tips on how to design your mobile app successfully.

Follow Design Principles of App Stores

Android and iOS platforms comprise their own design guidelines for every app which are required to be followed to make any app successful. Moreover, both the platforms provide different design features regarding user navigation as well as the experience.

Highly Responsive App Design

If you are looking forward to reducing the cost of designing, then you can achieve it with a responsive design. Responsive design works smoothly on all types of operating systems. The code will then function differently on smartphones, PCs, and tablets. Responsive design gives you an opportunity to enhance user-experience in different types of platforms.


An attractive and user-friendly brand logo will help to get recognized around the public. Some of the most well-known principles of crafting an innovative logo is to include color combination, the message behind the logo, and flexibility.

8. Successful App Development

Successful App Development

After the designs of your app are completed, app development is started. Here, we will provide some of the most essential tips for building a highly-scalable and reliable application.

Focus on the Core Principle First

Depending on the research, the app should only emphasize on a particular issue and integrate a feature that resolves the problem. Also, based on the Standish Group Research, just 20% of the app’s features are accessed by the users. Hence, you should only include core features in your first version of the application.

Quick Registration Process

In this fast-changing world, no one likes to wait for long. The quicker the registration process, the more people will like the product. For instance, you can provide a registration process via any social media platform that mainly includes two clicks.

Make sure MVP is completely secure

Security is the biggest concern after various scandals that have been reported among the tech giants. Storing details of the user smoothly and efficiently can help you build a quick mobile app. Moreover, check that the system utilizes the HTTP protocols.

Define proper tags and notifications

More than 70% of smartphone users expect to get a personalized experience from the brands with which they access info. Therefore, it is highly essential to fetch user history to provide relevant content. With the help of a tagging structure, you will be able to deliver the necessary information to your customers.

Sending scheduled automatic messages can help you increase user engagement. Moreover, reaching potential customers at the proper time with appropriate messages helps to increase your brand loyalty.

Develop for Android and iOS both

Develop for Android and iOS both

As of now, both Android and iOS platforms are popular all over the world; therefore, depending on your budget, you can either develop your app on native or cross-platform. Apart from this, if you want to reach customers on web, android, and iOS platforms, you can develop a responsive web app.

High Performance

App’s performance is one of the most essential aspects that help to determine how good or bad an application is. As per the Dimensional Research, users of any app just access the app 3 times if they found any error in the app. Hence, it is highly crucial to identify all the bugs in your app and resolve them before the release.

Initially launch it for free

It is always better to provide your app for testing to the potential users. As soon as users find that they are getting enough value from your app, they will not hesitate to pay.

Enhanced Customer Support

If you want your app to succeed in the market, you should provide next-level customer support to your users. By doing this, you will increase your value in the eyes of the customers.

9. Deploying the app on the relevant app stores

Deploying the app on the relevant app stores

After an app is developed adequately, it’s ready for the deployment. For this, one has to plan carefully, schedule, and manage things accordingly. The primary goal here is to include all things in the initial phase and carry out testing prior to the launch of the app. Several essential steps are required to be taken:

Incorporate Analytics Tools

In General, there is a requirement to connect equivalent analytical services. Here, you will get a complete analysis of your potential audience. Tools used for this include Google Analytics, Flurry, Localytics, and much more.

Conduct beta-testing

The first standard thing is to finish your MVP and identify your app’s success. Carrying out beta testing is the initial stage to obtain real feedback and make necessary improvements. This includes three things:

  1. Listing down your target users. Recognizing the appropriate testers can assist you in reducing issues and enhancing the app’s performance. Also, in an android version, it is elementary to check various versions before it’s released.
  2. Solving maximum errors prior to releasing your mobile app. In the case of beta-testing, you have to verify all the features of the app on multiple platforms.
  3. Analysis is necessary to achieve business goals. Beta testing can help you know your target audience, therefore, make any changes in the development phase.

Collect the metrics:

Lastly, to successfully release your app, fetch app metrics details. Along with the increase in the number of users, highly accurate data should be obtained and recorded. Several mobile app measurements that you should consider are as follows:

  • Sales funnel tracking: Know in detail about the possible causes for unsuccessful in-app purchases or ad-clicks.
  • Social sharing: Analyze the amount of traffic you are getting for the app from the potential users.
  • User data correlation: Combine user behavior with user demographics.
  • Other essential things: Analysis of particular time and location of app usage.

10. Make your app successful in App Stores

App stores are the primary distribution channel for the app. For this, one should have a piece of in-depth knowledge about the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to market applications in a better way.

John Dinsmore, a leading mobile app market researcher, states that the majority of developers focus on the quality of apps. It literally means that if the app adds value in the life of users and functions properly, then it can gain a top spot in the market quickly.

But, only 10% of highly successful apps are being installed by most of the users. This doesn’t indicate 90% of apps are bad. The main catch here is that only some people have found & installed.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization

ASO is the most promising approach for any mobile app to be found by potential users. Here, you have to include appropriate keywords, descriptions, and titles to compete with other apps. It requires non-stop updates and optimization for an app to get featured in the top 10 category.

It is a simple rule that an increase in the total number of installs in a short amount of time, leads to a higher spot in the store. This is challenging to obtain the top position in the market using PR and advertising; however, it is possible.

11. Post-launch App Marketing

Post-launch App Marketing

In general, your app’s success will be determined by the amount of hard work and about how much your app campaign’s become successful. It is highly crucial to list down the plan to market your app and all the channels that you will use after it gets released for the public.

Social Media

An essential way to leverage your pre-launch period is to take help from leading social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, & Twitter. Utilize all the platforms where your target audience is present.

Another approach to broadcast your mobile app is to join relevant groups on Facebook & LinkedIn. You should frequently share details about your upcoming app on these groups to keep users engaged, and captivate users to download the app as soon as it gets ready.

Lastly, you can share details about the app with the help of blogging & podcasts.

Press Release

Obtaining press attention is similar to broadcasting your app. Approaching popular news portal sites can help you to promote your app. As mentioned earlier, you must consist of a PR kit which comprises the following thing.

  • App Summary Guide
  • App Screenshots
  • Design (Logo, Icons, Banners)
  • Video (Intro, step-by-step instruction video)
  • Biography of Founder + Picture

To get press attention is to get your app featured on the popular app review blogs.

Influences (Youtube, Instagram, and Other platforms)

Reaching out to the top bloggers and internet personas is a splendid way to create interest among the targeted users.

You can also reach out to popular YouTube Channels and Instagram Pages to tell them to spread the word about your mobile app.

One real-life example can be of Kevin Systrom, Instagram Founder, who first allowed a blogger on Twitter to test the beta version of Instagram. This led to 24,000 users in just 24 hours and about 30,000 in about three weeks.

This example clearly indicates that by building a relationship with a blogger, one can market an app successfully. You can also market your apps on platforms such as Buzzsumo, Crunchbase, LinkedIn, etc.

Email to the pre-launch email list

After launching your app in the market, you should send a link to the email subscribers list.

12. Collect Feedback and Upgrade your Application

The only way to make it successful is through constant improvements. As soon as you release your app in the market, you will start receiving some good and bad reviews.

Thank all the users who shared with you issues they are facing and then resolved them in the upcoming version of your mobile app.

Notify users that you are continuously fixing errors in the app and introducing unique and essential features as per their demand.

By following this process, you will be able to get ahead in the market fastly as compared to your competitors.


So these were some vital points that you should consider anytime you want to develop an app. By following these steps, you will not only be able to attract your target audience but also make your app successful.

If you possess a unique app idea or just a simple idea, you can reach out to OpenXCode. We have an incredibly talented team of mobile app developers who will brainstorm your mobile app idea and provide a detailed analysis of your mobile app. After this, they will deliver you the best mobile application to get a competitive edge in the mobile industry.